Asphalt Overlay Design for Concrete Pavements
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AAPA-1988-Conference--Smit-Rehabilitation-of-existing-concrete-slabs-on-Ipswich-Road (1MB)
Illinois-Uni--Marshall-Thompson--PP-and-Concrete-Pavement-Rubblization (4MB)
Indiana-DOT-Purdue-Uni--Concrete-pavement-crack-and-seat-overlay-design (52MB)
Indiana-DOT-Purdue-Uni--Concrete-pavement-crack-and-seat-overlay-design (6MB)
Iowa-DOT-and-Uni--Rehab-of-CP-using rubblization-and-crack-and-seat-methods (14MB)
Iowa-DOT-and-Uni--Rehab-of-CP-using rubblization-and-crack-and-seat-methods (2.5MB)
NCHRP-ec087_Rubblization_of_Portland_Cement_Concrete_Pavements (6MB)
TMR-Rehabilitation-of-Ipswich-Road (2MB)
UCPRC--Carl-Monismith--I-710-presentation--AAPA2010-USA-Study-Tour (5MB)
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Crack and Seat - Scotland
Rubblization - complete fracturing
Potential Project
The visits to the USA in 2010 and 2014 highlighted their approaches to dealing with
aging rigid pavements.  Numerous options are available and have been assessed and,
over time, the techniques have improved in reliability and performance.

In Australia there are no design guides available for the use of the rehabilitation
techniques and the resulting pavement structures.  Numbers of rigid pavements in
Australia are reaching their terminal service lives and rehabilitation or replacement
options are being reviewed.
Crack and Seat - California
Crack & Seat / Break & Seat