The Alliance produces newsletters on current events & technical reports that are
widely distributed.  Improved communications between the Strategic Alliance
partners & their staff is an key function of the Alliance Managers.
Newsletter No. 1 of 2011
Presents details of the AAPA 2010 Study Tour to the USA including
observations and the recommendations for Australian road authorities
and industry consideration.

The newsletter is available in A5 (booklet style)
Newsletter No. 2 of 2010
Ian Reeves presents suggestions for ways of "Sweating our pavements"
to meet the COAG goals of improved freight efficiency and matching road
pricing the heavy vehicle consumption of the pavements.

The newsletter is available in A5 (booklet) or A4 page size.
Newsletter No. 1 of 2010
Updated specifications details of major changes, benefits for changes,
Specification and Technical Standard explained, Method of measurement
and details of bituminous product MRS & MRTS.

The newsletter is available in A5 (booklet) or A4 page size.  
Newsletter No. 1 of 2008
Safety and safe road surfaces - we should explain more! Are road
surfaces safer than drivers? Ken Beattie joins the Strategic Alliance
Board, 2008 Reference Group meeting advertised.
Newsletter No. 2 of 2006
Spray seal contractor registration working group expects to be finished
by end 2008.  New Austroads Sprayed Seal Design method basis of local
courses.  Jenny McMillan joins the Alliance Board interview.  Staff
interchange project gets going.
Newsletter No. 1 of 2006
Alliance Reference Groups meets again, Workshop gives feedback to
questions, Bitumen keeping up with the changes - sealing binder test
results, alternative sealing binders, News from the Board
Newsletter No. 1 of 2005
Update on SMA - 5 contractors trialing more durable mix, Spray seal
contractors registration system commences development, Austroads
National Sprayed Sealing Workshop at ARRB in Melbourne, New sprayed
seal design method.
Newsletter No. 2 of 2004
SMA Benchmarking - getting better performance, developing a more
durable Stone Mastic Asphalt, Strategy Framework - sets long term goals
for the Alliance, Strategic Alliance Board - Colin Jensen - new Chairman
Newsletter No. 1 of 2004
Asphalt Registration System - a whole new way of working,  Training
certificates under pin the Register,  Q&A on the Asphalt Registration
System, Whats new in the System, Strategic Alliance Workshop 7 April
Newsletter No. 3 of 2003
Approved asphalt supplier registration system begins development,
Alliance is now 2 years old, Treatment for flushed seals based on
Peninsula District trial of kerosene enrichment, dry matting and high
pressure water re-texturing.
Newsletter No. 2 of 2003
Highlights developments in the Queensland Districts including
innovations and trials in pavement surfacings being undertaken in
Townsville, Rockhampton Districts.
Newsletter No.1 of 2003
The Alliance's Communications Plan, relationship building on asphalt
contracts, an overview of Alliance working group activities and the
Reference Group meeting of 6 May 2003.
Newsletter No. 2 of 2002
Activities and outputs from the Strategic Alliance, updates on SMA,
bitumen sprayer calibration and the recycled asphalt pavement project.
Newsletter No. 1 of 2002
A comprehensive overview of the development, structure, aims and
activities of the Strategic Alliance between Main Roads Queensland and
AAPA Queensland.
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