Reference Group Meetings

Reference Group Meetings are planned to be held twice a year (May & October)
and provide an opportunity to share findings and progress of Strategic Alliance
projects, to get direction on key issues and to give overall direction to the Alliance
Board on priorities.  

Attendance ranges from 50 to 75 participants from industry and government
across Queensland all with an interest in flexible pavements and surfacings.

Reports on the findings of the Reference Group meetings and copies of the
presentations can be downloaded below:
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Reference Groups
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Presentation 18 April 2012  NEW

Green Roads: The Sustainable Road Ahead

Professor Susan Tighe, Canada Research Chair, Norman W.
McLeod Profession Sustainable Pavement Engineering,
Director Center for Pavement and Transportation Technology at
Waterloo University, Ontario Canada.
Reference Group 5 October 2011
Ballymore for the last time!!

Feedback by international visitors on perpetual pavement practice,
accelerated pavement testing and evaluating product performance.
Updates on Alliance and national projects on very long life
pavements, thermal imaging of seals, field bitumen sampling and
WMA protocol for Australia.
Brief teaser on the AAPA 2011 Study Tour to South Africa
Reference Group 11 May 2011
Ballymore again, key focus on the TNRP and providing innovative
solutions.  BTB and PME specifications developed including new
"Services" link to the Calibration Facility on this site.
Working Group established to address safer field sampling and
project feedback on Alliance Projects.  Agreed to use the website to
provide feedback and status reports for the projects.
Reference Group 6 October 2010
This Reference Group meeting at Ballymore included an  update on
the Strategic Alliance activities - thin surfacings, surface friction
characterisation and PMB field properties.  Details on the Natural
Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (NDRRA) covering
demand and product usage were presented.
Updates on the National Pre-qualification System for Contractors,
the 2010 AAPA Study Tour to the USA, Bitumen Sprayer Calibration
building plans.
Presentations on  the Key Theme - Innovation - in asphalt mixes and
collecting performance data followed by a Workshop on "Getting
Innovation in Practice"
Reference Group 12 May 2010
Held again at Ballymore, Herston this Reference Group covered
feedback on the Strategic Alliance Projects and issues raised at
Board level.  Delegate initiated issues included Pox in DG, ongoing
use of manual cockerel aggregate spreaders and policy on WMA by
How to sweat more out of Q pavements was followed by a
presentation and workshop on Sustainability Issues
Reference Group 5 November 2009
Traffic accommodation at roadworks, a status report on traffic
controller safety, feedback on the 16 October innovation and
accelerated pavement testing workshop, and ways to promote
durability from bituminous materials.
Major issues addressed included a full feedback and workshop
Q&A on the upgraded Main Roads bituminous product
specifications where the specification development working group
explained the changes and implications.
Alliance Workshop 16 October 2009
Held after the AAPA 13th International Conference on Flexible
Pavements the workshop called on the expertise of international
visitors Drs Randy West & Ramon Bonaquist.  The workshop as
themed "bringing improvements in asphalt pavements to practice
through new design methods, evaluation of products and accelerated
pavement testing.  The workshop presenters included staff of QTMR,
ARRB and consulting engineers with experience in local and
international accelerated pavement testing.  
Reference Group 17 June 2009
Encouraged by the Regions this Reference Group meeting
concentrated on the use of Polymer Modified Binders (PMB) in
seals.  Of particular interest was the use of crumb rubber modified
binders and emulsions based on PMB's.
The challenges of asset owners and industries need for better
attention to sustainability lead to presentations on Recycled Asphalt
Pavements (RAP) and Warm Mix Asphalt.
The Workshop Report covers the topics which were discussed:
POTP, Durability Innovation, Flexibility and $ under stress
Reference Group 7 October 2008
Under construction
Reference Group 21 August 2007   
This meeting covered the changes in Main Roads and the likely
impact that would have on the operations of the Alliance.  Of big
interest was the crash at Sippy Downs and the understanding of
surface friction characteristics and measurement of available and
demand friction as represented in the courts.
Details were provided on the performance of binders at low
temperatures, and update on the status of specification revisions
and development of performance based specifications.  A district
view of the asphalt specifications was and so included.  Two
workshops were held addressing a total of six questions.  
Responses to the questions and copies of the presentations are
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