21 August 2007   

This meeting covered the changes in Main Roads and the likely impact that
would have on the operations of the Alliance.  Of big interest was the crash at
Sippy Downs and the understanding of surface friction characteristics and
measurement of available and demand friction as represented in the courts.
Details were provided on the performance of binders at low temperatures, and
update on the status of specification revisions and development of performance
based specifications.  A district view of the asphalt specifications was and so
included.  Two workshops were held addressing a total of six questions.  
Responses to the questions and copies of the presentations are below:
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Reference Group
Reference Group Proceedings
Includes presentations x6 per page
Changes in Main Roads and impacts on the Alliance
- Ian Reeves for DDG
Sippy Downs Off-Ramp - Surface friction learnings - Ian Reeves
Bruce Highway Sippy Downs Ramp - David Tulloch
Skid Resistance General Overview - Peter Bryant
Report back on issues raised - Rob Vos
Binder performance at low temperatures - Russ Spies
Status of QDMR/AAPA Alliance specification development
Jason Jones
Performance Specifications - Narelle Dobson
District view on asphalt specifications - Ian Husband
Report on Workshop A & B
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