12 May 2010   

Held again at Ballymore, Herston this Reference Group covered feedback on
the Strategic Alliance Projects and issues raised at Board level.  Delegate
initiated issues included Pox in DG, ongoing use of manual cockerel aggregate
spreaders and policy on WMA by TMR.  An update on the WMA validation
projects at National and State level were also covered.
Feedback was provided on the LRS and the techniques manual for laboratory.
How to sweat more out of Q pavements was followed by a presentation and
workshop on Sustainability Issues.
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Reference Group
REPORT – Overview of Reference Group meeting & Sustainability Issues Workshop    
(print size presentations & notes)                                                                DRAFT v1
Strategic Alliance Board update
- Kevin McCullough
National Warm Mix Asphalt
validation project
– Cassandra Simpson
Queensland status of Warm Mix Asphalt
validation   - Jason Jones & Derek Millar
ISAP 2010 and AAPA study tour of
USA              - Cassandra Simpson
Update on implementation of revised
specifications                   - Jason Jones
Thermal Imaging and Bitumen
Sprayer Distribution   
- Michael Janosevic
Field Performance of PMB & Test
Properties                - Jonathan Hoffman
Field Performance of PMB
- Trevor Distin
Surface Friction Projects -
- Noppadol Piyatrapoomi & Rob Vos
Surface Friction Projects -
Measurement                - Ian Steele
Sundry issues raised for response
- Alliance Managers
Cockerel box aggregate spreaders -
is it time to stop using them?
- Chris Cleary
Pox in dense grade asphalt  - what's
going on?                    - Andrew Nguyen,
Russell Lowe, Scott Dight & Jason Jones
Laboratory registration system and
techniques manual - update
- Mark Owttrium
POTP - Full road closures for short term
road works       - Russell Reed & Rob Vos
Spray Seal Contractor Registration
System                       - Ross Guppy
Sweating our pavements - extending the
performance life                   - Ian Reeves
ClimateQ: towards a greener
Queensland             - Rod Goodbun
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