11 May 2011  

The Strategic Alliance Reference Group met for the first time with an afternoon
split into individual AAPA and TMR sessions.
 The morning presentations looked at
the needs of the Transport Network Reconstruction Program and the
opportunities it offered to include innovative solutions. Suggestions included the
development of specifications for Bitumen Treated Bases and for Polymer
Modified Emulsions.  Both allowed for the expansion of options to reconstruct
the network both by sealing in the colder months and the expansion of bitumen
bound bases into more remote areas.

Issues are also addressed resulting in the formation of a Working Group to
develop a safer process for the representative
sampling of binders in the field.  
A link to the Bitumen Sprayer Calibration Facility booking
calendar was
identified as a first step to eliminating any bottleneck in the calibration of extra
sprayers to meet the TNRP demands.
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Reference Group
REPORT – Overview of Reference Group meeting &  Workshop    
(print size presentations & notes)                                                                 v2
Fundamentals of Bitumen Treated Bases
- Rob Vos
Workshop Feedback, Getting
innovation into practice
– Alliance Managers
Procurement of proprietary sprayed
bituminous emulsion surfacing  
- Jason Jones
Polymer Modified Emulsions - PME
Seals - John Lysenko
Use of interstate sprayers - Jason Jones
&  Michael Janosevic
Project Report - Surface Friction
- Rob Vos
Project Report - Bitumen and PMB Test
Results  - AAPA Q members / Rob Vos
Project Report - Metropolitan Region
Performance-based Procurement
Asphalt Overlay Projects - Jason
Project Report - Thin Asphalt Surfacing
Contracts - Boral - Jonathan Hoffman
Project Report - Thin Asphalt
Surfacing Contracts - Boral -
Workshop - Future Directions for the
Strategic Alliance - Pre-briefing
Workshop - Future Directions
for the Strategic Alliance
Photographs (links to another website)
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