10 October 2011  

This Reference Group meeting followed closely on the heels of the AAPA 2011
Study Tour to South Africa and the AAPA 14th International Flexible Pavements
conference held the previous week in Melbourne.

Visiting international speakers from the conference presented updates on the
conference papers and the Queensland study tour visitors presented a quick
overview of the initial tour report.

The afternoon session was split with a TMR Road Surfacings Technology meeting
and the AAPA Q Technical Committee reviewed the field sampling of bituminous

The presentations were lead by three visiting researchers & academics from the
USA - Texas Transportation Institute, Auburn University and NCAT and linked to
feedback on the AAPA supported research on very long life asphalt pavements
and the performance of highly modified SBS asphalt on the NCAT test track.

The national WMA protocol development status was reported along with the
Strategic Alliance projects on thermal imaging of sprayed seals and the
development of safe sampling procedures for bitumen delivered in the field.  
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Reference Group
REPORT: Program and presentations suitable for printing
Sustainability benefits brought by
asphalt pavement technologies
- Dave Newcomb
AAPA R&T - Asphalt pavements
solutions for life
- Ian Rickards
Principles of pavement design
- David Timm
Matching accelerated pavement
testing & design performance
- Buzz Powell
Polymers for a new era of pavement
design - Erik Scholten
Feedback on the AAPA 2011 Study
Tour - Evans, Lowe, Angell & Vos
Strategic Alliance project update
Thermal imaging of sprayed seals
- Michael Janosevic
Strategic Alliance project update
Field sampling of bitumen
- Michael Janosevic
Developing a WMA protocol for Australia
- Kieran Sharp
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