Field protocol for the safe sampling of
bituminous binders
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Sampling project
Reference and Project documentation
some of the documents are only for the Working Group
Austroads Spray seal Safety Guide
Monitoring bitumen quality from refinery to pavement - Emery et al
CAPSA 2004
Sampling Procedures for bitumen and oils - Test Method 71/6/700.1
(WA700-1) Main Roads Western Australia
Bitumen and bituminous binders - sampling bituminous binders
IP 474    
restricted to WG
Model code of safe practice in the petroleum industry Code 11
Bitumen Safety Code  
restricted to WG
Safe practice for sampling bituminous materials - ASTM D 140
restricted to WG
Bitumen Works Procedure - Sprayer Drivers Check List, Sampling &
Testing - RoadTek
restricted to WG
AS 2008-1997 Residual bitumen for pavements
restricted to WG
AS 2809.5-2011 Road tank vehicles for dangerous goods
Part 5: Tankers for bitumen-based products
restricted to WG
Main Roads Technical Standards MRTS17 Bitumen
Main Roads Technical Standards MRTS18 Polymer Modified Binder
Main Roads Technical Standards MRTS19 Cutter and Flux Oil
Main Roads Technical Standards MRTS20 Cutback Bitumen
Main Roads Technical Standards MRTS21 Bituminous Emulsion
AAPA Code of Practice: Manufacture, Storage and Handling of
Polymer Modified Binders, 1st Edition, June 2004
TMR Metro project - bitumen & PMB sampling procedures
restricted to WG
TMR Metro project - bitumen & PMB sampling procedures - slides
restricted to WG
Austroads - Pavements - Test Method: AGPT/T101 Method for
sampling polymer modified binders, polymers and crumb rubber
Austroads - Pavements - Test Method: AGPT/T102 Protocol for
handling polymer modified binders in the laboratory
Draft Work Method Statement Version 1
Diagram of typical in-line sampler - BFP
restricted to WG
Pictures of the MBE in-line sampler
DRAFT Safe Work Method Statement "Sampling of Hot Bituminous
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