Field protocol for the safe sampling of
bituminous binders
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Sampling project
Project documentation
Chief Engineer Email 12 January 2012 on commencement
Link to QTMR specifications page for MRTS17 & 18
Details of the QTMR Sampling device from BFP Engineering
Details of the AAPA sampling device from MBE in Victoria
Link to the Working Group References
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updated 2012-05-14
Sampling point (point of delivery)
Where the product is transferred to the sprayer for hot sealing work and
from the asphalt binder storage for asphalt production. Sample before or
during transfer of the product.

Sealing or other works
A lot shall consist of a homogeneous quantity of bitumen of the same class
Lot size Bitumen  Tightened 60 tonnes  Normal 150 tonnes  Relaxed 300 tonnes
  PMB        Tightened 24 tonnes Normal    60 tonnes  Relaxed 120 tonnes

Sampling frequency
Sample per lot = 1 Litre to Administrator and 1 Litre to Contractor

Asphalt works
A lot shall comprise the discrete quantity of bitumen in the Contractors
storage tank at the commencement of asphalt production.
new lot when  a) bitumen or PMB is added b) bitumen not added for 14 days
not added for 3 days
Sampling frequency
Bitumen  Tightened 2nd lot       Normal 4th lot        Relaxed 10th lot
PMB         Tightened every lot  Normal 2nd lot        Relaxed 5th lot   
Sample = 1 Litre to Administrator and 1 Litre to Contractor
To be undertaken or arranged by Contractor
Bitumen   Viscosity at 60°C (Pa.S)
PMB           Torsional Recovery at 25°C & Softening Point
Testing frequency: not less than every second sample taken from the lots.  
On 12 January 2012 the QTMR Chief Engineer communicated with AAPA their
intention to commence sampling in contracts.
"TMR has discussed the requirement for sampling with AAPA, and has assisted them
in developing safe sampling equipment. It has been agreed with AAPA that TMR will be
fully enforcing the requirements of MRTS17 and MRTS18 from 2 April 2012, to allow
time for industry to obtain the safe sampling equipment.


A link to the full email and appendices is available here
It has not been possible to agree on a standard device for field sampling of bitumen
and PMB.  A number of options are available including the QTMR developed device
BFP Engineering and the AAPA one from MBE in Victoria.  AAPA members have
also embarked on the use of existing access points or modifications to the AAPA and
QTMR devices. Contact details of the device manufacturers are included in the Project
Documents below.
With examples from AAPA members, BCC has provided assistance in the development
been circulated with the final
DRAFT released at the end of March 2012.

To accommodate the lack of agreement on the sampling device, the SWMS will include
a general overview of the method and
NOT reference the specific requirements of the
device being used for the sampling.