16 October 2009   

Held after the AAPA 13th International Conference on Flexible Pavements the
workshop called on the expertise of international visitors Drs Randy West &
Ramon Bonaquist.  The workshop as themed "bringing improvements in asphalt
pavements to practice through new design methods, evaluation of products and
accelerated pavement testing.  The workshop presenters included staff of
QTMR, ARRB and consulting engineers with experience in local and international
accelerated pavement testing.  The presentations and report are available for
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Workshop Meeting Report
Includes presentations x6 per page
Welcome - Ian Reeves
Pavement challenges facing DTMR - David Hubner
Pavement Design Challenges - Peter Bryant
NCAT Test Track Overview - Dr Randy West
Plan for validating HMA pavement endurance limits
- Dr Ramon Bonaquist
APT needs and options - Mike Moffat
APT in South Africa - Pablo Balmaceda
Workshop - directions
References - Henderson / Yeo paper at ET Forum 2009
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