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Strategic Alliance
Strategic Alliance promoting superior performance

In December 2001 the Queensland Department of Main Roads and the
Australian Asphalt Pavement Association established a Strategic Alliance.

The purpose of this Alliance is to work together to achieve superior flexible
pavements for the community which will ensure best value for Queensland and a
sustainable business environment for AAPA Members.
This is to be achieved through collaboration and total commitment.

Copies of the
Strategic Alliance Agreement and the Strategic Alliance Commitment
are available for downloading from this website.

To support communication between Alliance members a newsletter is produced.

Copies of the
Strategic Alliance Newsletters are also available to download.
Directors: TMR - Amanda Yeates, Les Dunn, Dennis Walsh
Directors: AAPA - James Cuthbert, Cameron Nisbett, Richard Pearson
Managers: Jothi Ramanujam, Carlos Rial
Secretary: Mike Pickering