Safety at Roadworks

Design of road worksites for traffic accommodation
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Safety at Roadworks
Design of road worksites for
                      traffic accommodation
dated 2014-01-08
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Project Details

The provision of design guidance for traffic accommodation at road worksites
to facilitate the inclusion of lane shifting, contra flow, detouring and other means
of traffic accommodation for use from the early stages of project development
to execution.

Australian & Queensland road construction can benefit from the use of traffic
management techniques routinely used internationally in similar jurisdictions.
Moving traffic further from the road worksite provides a safer, larger and more
efficient area for construction activities providing durability and quality of the
works. Currently the potential to use lane shifting, contra flow, detouring or
other means of traffic accommodation are not routinely considered in the
selection and design of remediation and short duration rehabilitation works.
Guidelines should be developed or updated to support this form of hazard
reduction as a routine component of project delivery.

Improved value-for-money and quality of delivered road works, reduced hazards
and risk to worksites, decongested worksite, reduced overall cost of road works.

  • Improved traffic flow and safer road worksites
  • Decongested and simpler road works
  • Improved quality of road works, increased durability and lower
    whole-of-life costs
Project Draft Report
Designed to be built with barrier separation *
Full closure removed the key traffic hazard *
Eliminating traffic improves construction quality *
Effective & safe barriers improve construction *